Project Management

Customers prefer short, open, and comprehensible approaches throughout the entire project. Throughout a project, you will have full insight into the current status and will be informed about all activities upfront. The project management will be individually adapted to the existing requirements.

Based on customer requirements, a project is set up, communication structures are established, and appropriate documentation is prepared. In all our projects, we focus on adding value: value for our partners (customers), our suppliers, and our company, preserving the already scarce resources.

In case things do not work out as planned, G.A.M.E. engineers will always stay on top of the situation. Based on customer requirements, we set up a project, establish communication structures, and prepare appropriate documentation.

Change and Release Management

Sometimes, good is just not good enough. To design perfect products, adjustments are often necessary. G.A.M.E. has the skills to implement and document changes in a controlled manner.

Products can always be a bit better. That is why it is important to establish internal processes that clearly define when a change can take place and how it must be documented. As part of our development support activities, G.A.M.E. can also advise you in this field. We ensure that future changes are implemented in a controlled manner to reduce associated costs to a minimum.


Some services we provide in technical calculation and simulation are:
    • Process development for internal change management
    • Improvement in cooperation across different production series
    • Introduction of a change management system
    • Control of approvals

Full Vehicle Packaging

We provide package and collision investigations for its components in conjunction with the overall vehicle by taking account of technical specifications and relevant standards of the OEMs.

    • Geometric integration (package and digital mock-up)
    • Collision analysis, clearance analysis, and tolerance management
    • Design of alternative concepts
    • Animated simulation of production processes for checking and optimizing production and assembly sequences
    • Installation space concepts for lines
    • Dimensional concepts for the development of new vehicle derivatives
    • Design and package proposals

Weight Management

Let us help you achieve, control and optimize your weight objectives. In weight management, weight objectives are defined and followed-up through regular monitoring.

Our Services:
    • Continuous monitoring of weight objectives
    • Technical weight management and weight analysis
    • Optimal weight assessment with scenarios
    • Balancing of opportunities and risks
    • Assessment of scope and prognosis
    • Entry and evaluation of vehicle mass and center-of-gravity data