Concept creation and Construction

G.A.M.E. is a competent and innovative partner in mechanical development and design. We support our customers in the systematic development of components, from concept, design and construction to the preparation of production documents and the final product release. We can support you at every stage of the entire product development process. Our engineers tinker for as long as it takes to get the optimal solutions for the customer from both the technical and economic perspectives.

We offer you the following design services:

    • Concept development
    • CAD design
    • Preparation of production documents including drawings and bills of materials

Technical Calculation and Simulation

We simulate and calculate for you!

By utilising state-of-the-art simulation and calculation methods in the pre-development phase, our engineers at G.A.M.E. can shorten development times, reduce the number of test series and avoid misinvestments.

Some services we provide in technical calculation and simulation are:

    • Strength tests
    • Stiffness tests
    • Structural optimization
    • Natural frequency determination
    • Motion simulation of assemblies

MATLAB/Simulink Modeling and Simulation

of mechanical and mechatronic systems

    • Design of components (Varying various parameters, such as gear ratio, speed and torque to evaluate performance and technical behavior)
    • Design of control algorithms (e.g. transmission control and recuperative braking systems)
    • Evaluation of architectures (Assemble powertrain models and compare their performance with system requirements or automate driving cycle tests under any conditions)
    • Performance of virtual tests (Verify the system behavior under conditions that can only be tested with great effort with hardware prototypes)
    • Testing more scenarios (Configure models for tests by selecting variants and defining environmental conditions)
    • Creation of modular component model libraries to configure various drive and chassis concepts and to simulate (e.g. engine, transmission, axle systems, differentials, brakes, steering, etc.)
    • Generation of C code for HiL simulation (Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation)

What sets us apart:

    • Highly qualified, highly trained employees
    • Well-founded expertise in the fields of automotive
      engineering and mechanical engineering
    • Perfectly structured development and design services
    • Flexible forms of cooperation

Do you want to optimise or completely redesign an existing product? Do you want to expand the capacity of your R&D department with external support?

You have come to the right place!