The development of an axle system for a construction machine is no easy task. Ultimately, the complete drive train is to be designed in such a way that maximum performance can be achieved and the construction machine can be used efficiently in different environments. The individual assemblies such as the combustion engine, transmission, hydraulic motor and axles must therefore be matched to each other.


The challenge is to design the front and rear axles in such a way that the required overall transmission ratio and thus also the necessary drive torque at the wheels is achieved. The objective is to design, calculate and construct the three assemblies of an axle, namely differential and external parts, accordingly, taking into account all important parameters.


  • Technical configuration
  • Construction  
  • Finite element analysis
  • Release and documentation


Thanks to modern development tools and our expert, we were able to develop two axles for a wheel loader for a short time. The choice of the right development approach accelerated the development enormously and made it possible to reduce the workload of the NAF development team.

Companies such as NAF, MAGNA EDAG Engineering have today – thanks to our support in the field of powertrain and chassis – reduced the workload of their development teams and thus increased the effectiveness and productivity in development.