In this project, the design and organisational support of the coolant pumps for the first technical revision of the modular engines 3- and 4-cylinder transverse installation and 3-, 4- and 6-cylinder longitudinal installation was taken over.


In essence, the first technical revision of the coolant pumps concerns the following issues: 

  • Conceptual design, construction and installation space analysis
  • Coordination with assembly planning 
  • Sample construction 
  • Process-oriented quality management 
  • Change and release management 


  • Construction and package 
  •  Assembly planning 
  •  Sample construction 
  •  Quality Management 
  •  Change and release management 


With the completion of the project, the 3- and 4-cylinder cross-mounted and 3-, 4- and 6-cylinder longitudinally mounted modular engines were successfully technically revised with regard to the coolant pumps. The performance of the coolant pumps and thus also the engine performance were improved and optimized.

Companies such as NAF, MAGNA EDAG Engineering have today – thanks to our support in the field of powertrain and chassis – reduced the workload of their development teams and thus increased the effectiveness and productivity in development.