Our Business Model

Our deep knowledge, engineering mind set, and agile ways of working qualify us to accompany and enable our partners from the automotive and mechanical engineering industry in the development of their innovative solutions end-to-end.
Based on our diverse project experience, we guarantee standardised processes in order to meet the quality requirements of our customers at all times.
Regardless of whether professionals with specialised skills are required or a whole order has to be handled by one of our expert teams, together we will find
the right form of cooperation.

We accept your wishes!


As a type of consultancy contract, the work contract (contract for work and services) or project contract, regulates the


As a type of consultancy contract, the service contract (contract for service) regulates the contractor's obligation to


The fee contract (contract for freelance work), can be drawn up based on a service or work contract, depending on the task


A consulting contract (consulting agreement) regulates the contractor's obligation towards a customer to provide particular